Founders and Directors

Ruth Pacheco, one of the co-founders of Achkiy, is now responsible for overseeing operations in Lima incuding purchasing, training, quality control and the management of the workshop.

Julia Crellin lived in Peru for 12 years and is the other co-founder of Achkiy. She is passionate about the "trade not aid" philosophy having experienced first hand the difference dignified work makes to people's lives. She brings a deep understanding of the challenges the women in Peru face and combines boundless creativity with the energy to match.

Mark Rayner, our company secretary, has worked for years as an accountant for the BBC. He has little interest in jewellery but is very interested in supporting Achkiy, making sure that that it is running efficiently to return the max to the training and development fund.  who ensures compliance with rel.evant bodies....................

Ruth Adams, transformed the charity "Christian Viewpoint" into Activate bringing it right into the 21st century. She travels around the country, encouraging women to get involved in their communities and do something to make a difference. It is largely thanks to Ruth's vision that Achkiy was adopted by Activate and the party network was developed. 

Naomi Herbert has spend several months working with Achkiy in Peru. She trained as a metal smith but now works for an international develoment charity overseeing many of their programmes in Africa. Her hands on knowledge of Achkiy and her experience in oversees development are invaluable.

Rachel Lesiter visited Achkiy in Peru several years ago and has mainted an interest in the project since then. She used to run an publishing company and has a lot experience in managing people and in keeping a vision alive. She is very visionary and a clear thinker.